Whilst COVID-19 is still active across the world and many yoga studios have turned to online classes, we compiled a list of the best video conferencing tools to start selling your online classes.

Youtube Live

Youtube Live is one of the easiest solution to get started with online classes both for students and teachers.


  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Difficult to see who your students are
  • Not always reliable
  • 24 hours wait period to get started

Our rating: 6/10



Zoom has become an extremely popular tool in the past couple of months and appears to be one of the most popular tools out there.


  • Great to communicate with students
  • Great to keep track of who's watching your class


  • Free version only allows for 40 minutes max
  • Not particularly easy to use
  • Security concerns

Our rating: 7/10 (although the free version makes it unusable for yoga classes)


Google Meet

Google, as an answer to Zoom's success, made their video conferencing tool available for free.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Great control over students


  • Likely not stay free

Our rating: 9/10


Instagram Live

Another option out there is Instagram, it gives you no control over who watches you making it to monetise your classes but is a great option to reach a large student base.


  • Large student base
  • Easy to use


  • Hard to monetise
  • No control over who watches your classes

Our rating: 4/10


With Yoga&Me:

Yoga&Me is the simple and affordable booking system for yoga studios. It is currently free to use and is a great way to monetise your online classes as we wait for yoga studios to start reopening.

Please book a demo of the platform by clicking here: https://calendly.com/yogaandme/yoga-me-demo?month=2020-05

Or simply visit us at this address: https://yogaandme.online/

You can also find a tutorial on how to get started with online classes at this address: https://blog.yogaandme.online/how-to-create-online-classes-on-yoga/