Whilst COVID-19 is active and most of Europe is confined to their homes, Yoga&Me has added a much requested option to offer online classes.

In this quick tutorial, we show you how to offer online classes to your students. You will need to stream on Youtube Live and you can follow a tutorial to do so at this address https://blog.yogaandme.online/how-to-stream-on-youtube-live/

Be sure to at least give yourself 48 hours between starting the two tutorials and the beginning of your first online class.

When adding a class, select the online class option:

A few hours before your class starts you can test out your set up by trying a live stream on Youtube and clicking on "Start my online class" button

You will then prompted to enter your Youtube live link that you can obtain by clicking the share arrow after going Live on Youtube

Once you have that link you can test it out without your students knowing by pasting it in the box below:

Yoga&Me will validate your Youtube link and check everything is in order. If it is, your video will appear embedded into the page and you will see a button offering to start your class. Once you click the "start my online class" button, your students will receive an email letting them their class is about to start. The email will have a Yoga&Me link to access the video.

After starting your class, you will have a confirmation and a link to your online class (please note only admins and students booked into the class can access it).

Please note it's important to plan in advance an online class to make sure it's a smooth experience. Be sure to test everything out and let us know if you have any questions or issues so we can address them well before your class starts.

Be sure to give your students a few minutes to join the class. You will be able to see the number of viewers to get an idea of when everybody is ready.

With love,